⦿Veteran’s Day – my Dad   

    In WW2  my dad enlisted in the Navy to avoid being drafted to the Army, where all draftees went.  He did his duty but didn’t want to get dead for it by going overseas.   He and his new wife lucked out  by being stationed stateside the whole time in Charleston, South Carolina.  . .It was a drastic cultural change for them, being natives of California.   My mother never forgot the hardship of having a cold-water flat – which  they had been lucky to even get, with housing so scarce.
A lot of people,  including myself,  didn’t know that blimps (the ‘lighter than air’ airships). were used in the military in WW2.
My dad flew the blimps.  This is the extent of my knowledge of his Navy service !  
I don’t know his title or classification or anything else.  He never really talked about that time or offered up any recollections or memories.    At his memorial service someone I didn’t know, a friend from later in life, recalled a story my dad had told him regarding his time in the Navy.
One day the blimp caught fire WHILE FLYING. My dad crawled to the fire on the platform, putting it out with  only his arms  to avoid a deadly explosion !  thus saving the lives of all onboard, and he was awarded a medal.
I was stunned– I never  knew  my dad was a true hero !  And  he was always my hero.




⦿ French Inhaler-Warren Zevon

 1976.     Warren. . . and  the  painfully beautiful lyrics

‘ How are you gonna make your way in the world when you weren’t cut out for workin’…
who’s gonna know who you are..’


⦿ My Annapolis history

Many years ago I lived in Annapolis Maryland for 2 years.  As a West Coast native, the East held surprizes for me, mainly the sense of history.   I actually met a direct descendant of Miles Standish !
In Annapolis the focal point of the old town was the docks area of the harbor and surrounding  old-town emerging from that. I was unaware at the time of the significance of the docks being the site the auctions of  the humans captured in Africa and transported to America for slavery.  One such person was Kunta Kinte, sold into slavery  in 1767 with the others, at the dock of my town.
But when I was there  ‘Roots’ hadn’t happened yet.
Also interesting to me was the fact the the Contintental Congress had meetings in Annapolis (for a time the nation’s capital) to draft the Declaration of Independence.  They sometimes met at the Maryland Tavern, now known as Middleton Tavern,  which has been in continuous operation since 1750.
It blew my mind to realize I was walking on the same brick street that Benjamin Franklin had walked so long ago ! (and Thomas Jefferson & George Washington as well).   I’m a big fan of old Ben, for his many talents and sharp wit…basically a smart-ass!   I’d read that the other guys wouldn’t let him write anything because they feared he’d slip some veiled smart-assiness into the official documents. . . they had his number.    hahaha

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⦿ My Baseball Story

Years ago I went to a major league baseball  day game with my boyfriend of the time.  I could take it or leave it but he’d invited me and was excited about going and I wanted to be with him. We worked together on midnights, getting off work at 7am,  and the game was late morning, so no chance to get any sleep.
We had upper bleacher seats at center field, the farthest from home plate.  I was dead tired and zoned out, basically drooling on myself from no sleep…when my boyfriend suddenly jumped up and put his hands in front of my face–to block a hard-hit ball from smashing my face in !  I never even saw it coming.  He saved me ! and injured his hand pretty badly as well. My hero !
I am forever grateful for what he did.        (
Thank you  David L.)

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⦿ Mexico – James Taylor (1975)

A lovely record that I associate with a dear friend, now passed on.
I introduced this song to him so now I associate it with pleasant memories.  

 .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º.  .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º.º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º.