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 My Ireland Story’ Barnastooka, Kerry & videos  ♣ YES Molly Bloom soliloquy
 ‘Counting the Raindrops’- Cormac ÒCaoimh♣ Gaelic sayings for the occasions
♣ Paudie’s Birthday 1961  &  poem 

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‘My Little Ireland Story’   Barnastooka, Kerry, Ireland  & videos  [Dec 2012]

In  1969 or ’70  during his travel  through  Europe  my father went to  Ireland, Kerry.
His grandfather and his brothers were from Barnastooka before going to America. 
My father had heard them talk about the homestead and he wanted to have a look. 
At the time he went  it was a dinky little hamlet, a few houses and maybe 2 pubs(?)

So  he stopped into a  pub for directions  and when the men there  heard the family
they cheered– it turned out almost all of them had the same name. .  . haha.
The family name is Healy.  I learned  that  around the turn of  the century it was the
2nd  most  common name  in  those  parts, and  is  still  prevalent  today.

Anyway–the guys in the pub had some strange ideas about America– this was 1970,
long before the internet made the world small, when letters were written and a long-
distance  phone call was an event. The guys thought  that because he was American
he was rich {no}.. do you  know cowboys in the Wild West? {no}.. do you know movie
stars like John Wayne?  {no}.  I found this quite charming.


Barnastooka, Kerry . Barnastooka Healy house (2)
 Barnastooka in modern times            ……… . . . .      the Healy house on the hill

……..  Go mbeirimíd beo ag an ám seo arís !
……    (May we all be alive this time next year)


—– Driving Up to Barnastooka  
 –——–  ———  ———  ——– ——–  ——— ———-  ———-  —- credits: to Paudie Healy .
. .– Driving Down from Barnastooka (Going Back the Way We Came)     ——————————–————————————— youtube permission : Paudie Healy

—– Counting the Raindrops – Cormac OCaoimh  2012   a lovely intimate song  by the well-known singer/songwriter from  Cork.                           

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♣ My cousin’s Birthday – St Patricks Day 1961

  My distant Irish cousin posted this on facebook  a few years ago -–
an account of his 4th or 5th birthday, which happens to be on St Patricks Day.
I found it charming, touching, and  funny as well.      [permission]

. . ..  Paudie Healy                    Paudie’s  Birthday                              
. .. Paudie's birthday text
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Gaelic happy birthday,long healthy life  HappyBirthday-health and long life.

Paudie's Barnastooka poem capture

 ꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒ      ꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒꖒ