⦿ I Miss Lenny Briscoe

June 2019
I’ve discovered a way to the episodes of the original Law & Order ! (seasons 1-8 only)

On the dailymotion dot com site, search ‘Law and Order’ w/ season & episode.
example : Law & Order S03 – Ep08    (Briscoe’s first appearance)
Note :Sometimes dailymotion is fussy about exact search criteria, more than youtube is.

miss Lenny
    Lenny Briscoe L&O    Lennie Briscoe 2 L&O 
                                          ‘Law &
Order’                …              Jerry  Orbach 
( passed away Dec.2004)

Lenny & Mike L&O    rey curtis2 L&O   rey curtis L&O WWRD

The  previously included video clips of Lenny & Mike, and Lenny & Rey, have been pulled from youtube…
this is the only  true clip I could find of Lenny & Rey, nothing for Lenny & Mike.   gggrrrrr

 Lenny & Rey    Lenny & Mike


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