⦿The Chromatic Typewriter

 The Amazing Chromatic Typewriter 

It might look like just an old typewriter,  but Washington-based  artist  Tyree  Callahan
has actually converted this  antique 1937 Underwood  Standard typewriter into an art
instrument that makes beautiful paintings.
Callahan replaced the ink pads of the typewriter with colored paint pads and the letters
with color markers to create a painting machine he calls a Chromatic Typewriter.
So instead of creating paintings with brushes, he types them with his unique typewriter.
While it would take some getting used to,  and although it will probably never yield the
detailed results of a brush, no doubt this thing could produce some awesome artworks.
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  via   http://www.odditycentral.com/news/tyree-callahan-and-his-amazing-chromatic-typewriter.html

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