⦿ the Oortman Dollhouse

 A  300+ yr old dollhouse.  I’m totally drooling over this incredible creation !

 Petronella Oortman  was a Dutch woman whose extraordinarily elaborate dollhouse
is displayed as part of the permanent collection of the Rijksmuseum 
in Amsterdam.
Built between 1686 and 1710, it features marble floors, porcelain 
dishes  and
specially commissioned artwork.

Her dollhouse was the inspiration for the 2014 novel The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.
   ”The Dollhouse of Petronella Oortman’    painted by Jacob Appel (1710)



7 thoughts on “⦿ the Oortman Dollhouse

  1. No, never did have one but sometimes think about having one even this late in the game. . I’m nuts about miniature things. If I got into it I think I’d get obsessed and spend way too much $$ on it, probably wouldn’t stop at just one . . haha.
    That ‘messy nessy’ site is great, daily collections of all kinds of cool stuff, a regular source for some of my posts

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    • I’m moved when I see such craft-work of an artist who has the focus and dedication to produce an object or better yet to produce an experience so detailed and true. The fine work of miniatures can be addictive. I’ve been in a purging state of mind recently though I can’t seem to not buy a book or a CD.

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  2. Oh my gosh! Now I am drolling with you! This dollhouse is soooooooo amazing! Love the painting of it, too! Wow! 300 years old! I’m glad it was made well and kept in such great condition!

    I will check out the links!

    Did you ever have a dollhouse?!

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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