⦿Daddy Sang Bass~Johnny Cash live @San Quentin 1969

‘Daddy sang bass, Mama sang tenor, me & little brother would join right in there. . ‘
the 1969 San Quentin concert.   Carl Perkins wrote the song !
I first heard this song, Johnny w/ the Carter Family,  long ago late at night, on a powerful
vintage Zenith table radio – on a 50K watt country station, coming in from UTAH  to California. 

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4 thoughts on “⦿Daddy Sang Bass~Johnny Cash live @San Quentin 1969

  1. My dad played Johnny Cash records when I was a kid.
    Then somehow my oldest became a Johnny Cash fan. He collects old records and has some Johnny Cash albums.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I accidentally typed “JIGS” and then had to correct it! But, okay…go ahead…do a little dance! 😉 😀

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