⦿ Cannibals – Mark Knopfler 1996

A feel-good Zydeco thing,  &  not about cannibals !
from  ‘A Night in London’ concert, live 1996  –  with a long intro w/Sonny Landreth.
This is wild  at the end  and everyone has a good time !

big strong daddy,  big strong boy,  livin’ in a big strong land’

‘once upon  time there were cannibals, now there are no cannibals anymore’

2 thoughts on “⦿ Cannibals – Mark Knopfler 1996

  1. I love the energy of this performance, one of my favorites…the drummer saying ‘yeah yeah yeah !’… and the ‘alright Jake!’
    If somebody’s feet don’t feel this, there may be something wrong with them !

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