⦿ Buzzin’ Fly -Tim Buckley 1969

A beautiful & sweet emotional love song by Tim Buckley from the Happy Sad  album, 1969.
A sad ending from a heroin overdose in 1975, only 28 yrs old.
Buzzin’ Fly
I wanna know  everything about you …I wanna know  everything about you…
What makes ya smile, what makes ya wild,  what makes ya love me this way,  Darlin’  I wanna know. . . 
—————————————————— ———————————————-

12 thoughts on “⦿ Buzzin’ Fly -Tim Buckley 1969

  1. He had a well known song used at the end of the film Coming Home – ‘Once I Was’ (a Soldier), where the Bruce Dern character, an Army officer returned from Vietnam, does a suicide into the ocean

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  2. Oh, my ! What a beautiful boy ! I never heard him nor about him, but I am glad I did tonight. It’s been love at first sight 🙂

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    • Li – I’m happy that I could introduce him to you. . .To me this song is so exquisitely perfect on several levels, a true favorite of mine.

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      • You are right 🙂 Quite the perfect blues ! I heard some more songs by him, which I liked too… And I still can barely believe his lovely smile :!! ha ha ha!

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        • He had a son Jeff who was also a musician, best known for his recording of Hallelujah . He was practically a twin to his dad in appearance. He died at age 31 by drowning.


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