⦿ It’s Simple

‘Words to Live By’. This has been aound the internet for a while but
still as meaningful
as ever.   Something to strive for as best we can,
to make a better life for ourselves
and those around us. . .


5 thoughts on “⦿ It’s Simple

  1. Excellent! Something we should read and apply daily! Thank you for reminding us of this! I especially need to pay attention to the “Realize and accept that life isn’t fair”…I REALLY need that one lately.

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  2. Accept my best positive thoughts for your situation.. I believe your own positive energy has played a big part in successfully dealing with, and fighting, these things thrust upon you.

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    • Thank you! You encourage me so much! I’m sitting here with joy-tears in my eyes.
      It’s going to be an interesting year based on the first negative thing that happened just days into January. :-/ But, I’m trying to remain positive.

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