⦿ My Mysterious Brain

A  mystery  to  me :  In the past 10 years or so, I’ve noticed a strange thing in myself.
Numerous times when heavily involved in something,  usually either in past ongoing intense cyber chats/ email conversations, or when  engrossed in writing fiction, in the back of my mind I suddenly visualize a particular location for myself, other than where
I actually am at the time.   A few examples for particular situations :: in the living room of my childhood house, sitting on the floor with my laptop in a present day chat, or on a serene lawn under a certain giant oak,  or in a mountain vacation cabin from my teenage years.  This is where I was, in my head, when conversing with particular people.
I have no idea how these images/ vague memories came to be associated with cyber conversations many years later, but once randomly established, they were there for the duration, every time.

The way I came to think of it was : there is a virtual roulette wheel  with real random physical locations represented, which spun until stopping when I began an email or chat conversation with someone.  And that’s the place I would be, with no logic to it.

Always in the back of my mind  I’d be vaguely aware of truly believing I was in these places, as if in a fugue state almost, to the point of when the conversation stopped, I’d be somewhat surprized  and startled to find myself suddenly in my present house.  But it wasn’t with everybody – again, apparently  random.  What’s going on in my brain ! ?  haha    I wonder if this happens to anybody else.

On a smaller scale, often if I randomly recall an incident or memory while doing a particular thing, like making coffee,  then almost every time subsequently that old memory pops up.  It can be quite annoying, as the memories or incidents are not necessarily ones I care to remember endlessly ! General advice for that sort of thing is – just stop thinking about it.  That’s like saying,  stop looking at the purple elephant in the room !
Another oddity – I read an article in a magazine years ago about a strange condition called Synesthesia, where  some people can ‘see’ certain words, letters, numbers, music, or events as particular colors.
I’d never heard of that,  and found it fascinating.  I mentioned it in passing to my stepmother after my Dad died.

I was flabbergasted when she told me : my Dad had told her  that when I was a little girl,    I was like that !  I’d say things like  ‘Today is a green day, yesterday was yellow , I like the blue fives, they’re pretty’.  My Dad never told me anything about that !  and I have absolutely zero memory of it,  and I no longer ‘experience colors’… although now I wish I still did !

3 thoughts on “⦿ My Mysterious Brain

  1. Your brain sounds wonderful to me!
    I like the idea of going back to a particular place and time….I do this in daydreaming…revisit my fav spots…and it is so sensory…I can remember the smells in the air, the temperature of the day/night, the music, if music was playing, how I felt, etc. 🙂
    I think doing certain things, or even using certain object, (like a coffee pot, etc.), being in certaing places does call up memories. It’s nice when they are pleasant memories. (Not nice when the bad memories slam into us. 😦 )
    I have a close family member who had Synesthesia as a child. I remember the first time he told me things like “The letter A is red. The number 4 is green.” ETC. I was like, “What the heck are you talking about?!” Ha! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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