⦿Yakety Yak – the Coasters 1959

a fun ‘moldy-oldie’ record by the Coasters
with funny lyrics about a teenager being tormented by his folks into doing his chores.
‘you tell your hoodlum friends outside you ain’t got time to take a ride’

5 thoughts on “⦿Yakety Yak – the Coasters 1959

  1. I’m doing alright, how about you ?
    The Coasters did a bunch of other novelty/funny records.. Poison Ivy, Charley Brown, Along Came Jones, Little Egypt, more.

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    • I’m okay. Ups and downs. On the downs I try to focus on the ups and everyone and everything I am grateful for! 🙂
      OOH! I remember Charley Brown song! I’ll have to find some of those on YouTube and give a listen. 🙂

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