⦿ Bill Gates’ Mugshot

 Bad Billy !  For some reason this just made my day. . .

Bill Gates’ Mugshot

In 1977 Bill Gates was arrested for driving without a license and
not stopping at a stop sign. Found on  Reddit.

Driving without a license is a misdemeanor,  w/ a fine or jail time, usually at the officer’s
discretion. Perhaps he failed the smartass attitude test…and why is he smiling about it.

3 thoughts on “⦿ Bill Gates’ Mugshot

  1. Oh, gawrsh! 😮 😛
    Yes, you don’t see many people smiling in their mugshots. If they do, they are usually drunk. Ha! 😀
    I wonder if he paid the fine or his parents did? He could afford to pay it now. 😉
    Seriously he was lucky he didn’t hurt or kill someone by not stopping at the stop sign. His life would’ve turned out so differently.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. I read his daddy was a lawyer, so he knew he would get bailed out soon..?
    Maybe it looks bad on me but I admit I enjoyed this, in light of his smug greedy attitude in his later life, I just never liked like the guy

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