⦿ Shower the People You Love with Love ~James Taylor

 a favorite old song…1988 performance .
.’Things are gonna be much better if you only will ‘


⦿ More Cowbell – SNL skit

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   I got a fever…


⦿ My Annapolis history

Many years ago I lived in Annapolis Maryland for 2 years.  As a West Coast native, the East held surprizes for me, mainly the sense of history.   I actually met a direct descendant of Miles Standish !
In Annapolis the focal point of the old town was the docks area of the harbor and surrounding  old-town emerging from that. I was unaware at the time of the significance of the docks being the site the auctions of  the humans captured in Africa and transported to America for slavery.  One such person was Kunta Kinte, sold into slavery  in 1767 with the others, at the dock of my town.
But when I was there  ‘Roots’ hadn’t happened yet.
Also interesting to me was the fact the the Contintental Congress had meetings in Annapolis (for a time the nation’s capital) to draft the Declaration of Independence.  They sometimes met at the Maryland Tavern, now known as Middleton Tavern,  which has been in continuous operation since 1750.
It blew my mind to realize I was walking on the same brick street that Benjamin Franklin had walked so long ago ! (and Thomas Jefferson & George Washington as well).   I’m a big fan of old Ben, for his many talents and sharp wit…basically a smart-ass!   I’d read that the other guys wouldn’t let him write anything because they feared he’d slip some veiled smart-assiness into the official documents. . . they had his number.    hahaha

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⦿ Mexico – James Taylor (1975)

A lovely record that I associate with a dear friend, now passed on.
I introduced this song to him so now I associate it with pleasant memories.  

 .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º.  .º ·º .º. .º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º.º ·º .º ·º .º ·º .º.

⦿The Driving Lesson

Long, long ago when I was in high school, and  learning to drive ::: there was a certain Saturday when my boyfriend of the time was supposed to pick me up to go to the Renaissance Fair.. but after I’d taken a psychedelic substance in anticipation of the occasion, he phoned me to say we couldn’t go after all, because of car trouble.

So there I was, high at home.. and my dad said — ‘well then, a perfect opportunity for a driving lesson’.   A bit of panic !  Who  wants to go practice-driving with their dad when they’re high on LSD ? !  I tried begging off but he said  ‘GET IN THE CAR,  NOW!’     And so I went,  a relatively inexperienced new driver, trying to be ‘normal’ while high on acid, driving in the car with my dad. .  yikes ! 

 But surprizingly  it went ok –I pretty much kept my mouth shut and I didn’t drive up a tree or anything!  (and by the way–on a stick-shift.)     My dad never knew I was spaced out on acid that day. . .  so  now these many years later  it’s  a funny memory… 

(for info :  I haven’t partaken in that substance for many, many years since then)

Yeah.. it was kinda like this  !
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