⦿ Kiss of Death ~ 1947 film

 Victor Mature, Richard Widmark the infamous Tommy Udo  ‘wheelchair down the stairs’  scene at  00:46


⦿Susan and God ~1940 film. . . . . . Joan Crawford & Fredric March

Joan Crawford & Fredric March… a lesser known excellent Crawford film, in 2 parts https://dailymotion.com/video/x259xy2

Part 2 of 2 should automatically play when part 1 ends.. if it doesn’t, use this direct link for part 2


⦿ Bugs Bunny ~ Naughty Gun

‘Did I hurt you with my naughty gun?’
Bugs Bunny in drag    w/Daffy Duck & Elmer Fudd  from ‘Rabbit Fire’ 1951
  . . . . this just makes me laugh every time

⦿ Let’s Rub Noses ~ Porky Pig . . . . (Polar Pals) 1939

‘Let’s Rub Noses Like the Eskimoses’

There’s a nice land known as Iceland,
Living there is swell,
That’s where those frozen people dwell.

One supposes rubbing noses saves them lots of heat
Boy, how they’re making both ends meet!

Oh, let’s rub noses like the Eskimoses,
That’s a northern custom turns winter into spring
Each polar guy’s a hero when it’s under zero
You can always trust them to do that certain thing
When the band is playing Nola at the Polar Ball
You won’t find a blue schnozola anywhere at all
Let’s rub noses like the Eskimoses
Don’t you know that’s Eskimo for “I love you”?