⦿ Shower the People You Love with Love ~James Taylor

 a favorite old song…1988 performance .
.’Things are gonna be much better if you only will ‘


⦿Don’t Worry Baby ~ BeachBoys

my favorite Beach Boys song… Brian & Carl. .1964.

she makes me come alive and  makes me wanna drive when she says –
don’t worry baby, everything will turn out alright…don’t worry baby
      nowdays Al Jardine’s son Matt sings this in concert, because Brian can’t hit the high notes anymore…  _________________________________________________________________________

⦿Jefferson Airplane ~ She Has Funny Cars & It’s No Secret

because  I  like  the  classic oldies.
R.I.P.  Paul  Jan 2016 …. R.I.P.  Marty  Sept 2018

     She  Has  Funny  Cars .  from Surrealistic Pillow 1966  Flash ! Paradise
     It’s  No  Secret 


             Paul,  Grace  &  Marty  1966


⦿The Bishop’s Wife – 1947 film. Loretta Young, Cary Grant

 Loretta Young, Cary Grant, David Niven, 1947.   my favorite Christmas movie.
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⦿I’m Every Woman –Chaka Khan & Can’t Get Enough of Your Love – Barry White

Youngsters take note– this is how it’s done,  1970s  old school

I’m Every Woman –  CHAKA KHAN  ‘Chaka Khan – Chaka Khan – Chaka Khan’


Can’t Get Enough of Your Love – BARRY WHITE – so fine even if it is ‘disco’ I played this record so much back in the day, that I wore it out…