⦿Palácio da Pena~Sintra, Portugal

reposted because I love this place so much
Sintra Portugal-in the forest alt view
 I  love-love-love this photo !  It looks like something in a fairy-tale . . enchanting.

These places are in the hidden gardens of the Palácio da Pena ~ Sintra, Portugal.
Sintra Portugal-the path   Sintra Portugal secret gazebo

——-————–Sintra Portugal hidden stairs

Sintra Portugal - lake tower

Palacio da Pena Sintra Portugal

   . .              thanks to my lovely Portuguese friend  Teresa !


⦿ Nazis in the house

 I was remembering the time years ago when I was in France on a 2 month working vacation. A young man we worked with graciously took us to his family’s country home in a town near Paris  for a weekend.  (I’ve forgotten the name of the town).  His lovely mother still lived there, as she had as a young newlywed when the Nazis  occupied France in 1941.  Her husband was off  fighting in the war, it was just she and her mother in the house. 
She told me that one day 4 or 5 Nazis came along the country road, barging into houses at will  ‘because they could’.  In her house they demanded a meal to be prepared, with the best wine, as they ransacked the house.  They opened books, inspected photos, opened all cabinets and drawers, etc.  They took jewelry, some other small family heirlooms, liquor, and cash, and flicked cigar ashes on her rugs…. just being the a–hole  pigs that Nazis were.  So it was not only Jews who were targeted, it was anyone they pleased to terrorize, including 2 frightened women alone… just ‘because they could’.
As this sweet lady was telling me about the incident she began to weep and sob.
At that point it had been many years since it happened but to her it was like yesterday.  My heart ached for her.  And  I realized I was in the very same room where  actual Nazis had stood, a living history — that blew my mind !

.no Nazis !

⦿ Buzzin’ Fly -Tim Buckley 1969

A beautiful & sweet emotional love song by Tim Buckley from the Happy Sad  album, 1969.
A sad ending from a heroin overdose in 1975, only 28 yrs old.
Buzzin’ Fly
I wanna know  everything about you …I wanna know  everything about you…
What makes ya smile, what makes ya wild,  what makes ya love me this way,  Darlin’  I wanna know. . . 
—————————————————— ———————————————-

⦿ Glenn Miller – 1940s music

Before my time but appreciated  – it’s good music !  The way I came to embrace Glenn Miller’s music was from seeing that 1954 movie on tv — The Glenn Miller Story, with Jimmy Stewart as Miller.
I actually went out to a record store the next day,  to buy a Glenn Miller album…  a surprize to myself as a young  adult rock-n-roller.  Great music lives on.
I really like ‘At Last’ (w/Ray Eberle),  recorded before Etta James’ version…a strange song of happiness but with a melancholy tune,   and  the harmonies of  ‘Perfidia’.
In The Mood
Greatest hits album,  1 hour+