⦿The Driving Lesson

Long, long ago when I was in high school, and  learning to drive ::: there was a certain Saturday when my boyfriend of the time was supposed to pick me up to go to the Renaissance Fair.. but after I’d taken a psychedelic substance in anticipation of the occasion, he phoned me to say we couldn’t go after all, because of car trouble.

So there I was, high at home.. and my dad said — ‘well then, a perfect opportunity for a driving lesson’.   A bit of panic !  Who  wants to go practice-driving with their dad when they’re high on LSD ? !  I tried begging off but he said  ‘GET IN THE CAR,  NOW!’     And so I went,  a relatively inexperienced new driver, trying to be ‘normal’ while high on acid, driving in the car with my dad. .  yikes ! 

 But surprizingly  it went ok –I pretty much kept my mouth shut and I didn’t drive up a tree or anything!  and by the way–on a stick-shift !    My dad never knew I was spaced out on acid that day. . .  so  now these many years later  it’s  a funny memory… now that my dad has passed on.

(for info :  I haven’t partaken in that substance for many, many years since then)

Yeah.. it was kinda like this  !
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